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We are still here for you - alternatives in times of Corona

What we offer - via telephone & video conference

Individual birth preparation via Skype/Zoom

  • breathing/relaxation & massage technics
  • labor positions & the stages of labor (early labor, active labor, pushing (pushing techniques), placenta period)
  • pain management & what is happening / physiology during birth and how your partner can support you
  • possible emergencies during pregnancy and birth
  • Individual questions and advice

Our mission is to give you and your partner enough information so you can have a birth as close to the one you desire as possible. We want to help you and your partner

Minimum 2 hours - 200 Euro after that billed in 1/2 intervals.

Pregnancy & Baby Module via Zoom

Need some information about being pregnant and having  a baby in Germany? 
Theoretical overview about being pregnant in Germany from the beginning up to birth - from the explanation of scheduled and additional possible examinations, midwifery care, prenatal classes, birthing possibilities, hospitals as well as shopping for baby & maternity clothes.
And for after your baby is born information on pediatricians and their scheduled examinations.

2 hours - 50 Euro/person

Individual Consulting via video conference (Zoom, Skype), telephone or e-mail

Medical Topics
Our M.D. or a specialist of our team (midwife,pediatric nurse, Doula) will answer all your question and will talk with you about whatever concerns you during your pregnancy and after giving birth. From medical questions up to breastfeeding, after birth care for yourself and baby care.

first consultation: 20 minutes = 30 Euro, thereafter that 1 Euro per minute
follow up calls 15 Euro per 15 minute interval

Contact us and we will put you in touch.

Psychological counselling

Our partners Flavie at Herzenhand & Marjorie from StarkSanft offer psychological counselling, coaching and support for your soul via video conference (Zoom, Skype), telephone and e-mail. You can contact her with any question you may have around the changes, transitions and challenges of pregnancy, giving birth (especially traumatic birth experiences, pre-natal anxiety and post-natal depression) and family life.

first consultation: 20 minutes = 30 Euro, thereafter that 1 Euro per minute
follow up consultation sessions: 1,50 Euro per minute (90 Euro per hour)

Please contact them direclty for rates and conditions

Mama Talk via Zoom

We are working on having our Mama Talk with you via Zoom to have a safe environment were we can voice our concerns and more important support eachother and encourage us.
- for free-

Online Personal Training, Post Partum and Prenatal Classes

Our partners Kira &  Dori are offering online classes for  Postpartum Recovery & Personal Training, Prenatal Yoga / Post-partum Yoga/Pilates via Skype/Zoom.


Please check our calendar for our online meetings MAMA TALK, Pregancany & Baby Module and others to come.


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March 2020
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