Courses, Workshops & Services in English for the International Community in Germany

Scope of our services

With time and empathy we & our network offer qualified, individual and professional services with a focus on:

  • small groups 
  • individual support
  • being scientifically up-to-date

We hope to make your pregnancy & early motherhood a positive experience so that you feel safe and welcome in Germany and the Area of Stuttgart.
We do this from the bottom of our hearts - we are your helping hand. We help you to find what you need during this special time.

We are here  for you.

Service Categories

1.  Pre-Birth
2. Post-Birth
3. Babies & Toddlers
4. Mom Life


Private Consultation with Dr. Christine (Gynecologist) for a second opinion, Acupuncture & Taping
Personal Training, Postpartum Recovery, Holistic Health Coaching & much more with Kira