Yoga (pre/postnatal), Pilates, Fitness & Postnatal Recovery/Mama Workout
Health Coach in training with IIN - Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Groups and Personal Training

Being a trainer already for more than 20 years, I have decided to dive in deeper with becoming a proper certified Holistic Health Coach by IIN - Institute for Integrative Nutrition - one of the worlds leading health coaching and integrative nutrition schools.

So my portfolio of personal training (at your home, online or outdoors) & group trainings in small groups (also outdoor & online) will be complemented by Holistic Health Coaching.
My coaching will help you to identify the areas you want to work on in your life and I will help you change your habits related to your health and wellness - we are not only talking about nutrition and sports  :-) 

I offer:

  • Yoga( Pre- & Postnatal Yoga)
  • Pilates
  • BodyArt
  • post-natal recovery & Mama Workouts 
  • general Fitness
  • Health Coaching (still in training)

You can find actual courses on my website and on the Gravidamiga Calendar. 
If you are looking for a more personal approach or are interested in Holistic Health Coaching, please contact me directly.

Kira Neumann
Health Coaching, Personal Training, Yoga, Pilates & more
Telefon: 0163-2562029