Baby & Mommy Shopping List

or what might be useful to have.


Baby clothes should be functional and practical at the same time and protect your darling from the weather.

Our recommendation:

  • Six to eight cotton bodies (size 50/56 and 62) long & short sleeves depending on the time of the year
  • Four to six baby rompers (size 50/56) or shirts (wide neck) /pants
  • one or two cotton jackets
  • Two pairs of baby socks or wool shoes (depending on the season)
  • A baby overall for outside - material depends on the season (size 62/68)
  • cotton/wool hat
  • A pair of winter gloves (without thumbs) if you give birth in winter
  • six to eight muslin cloths (for splitting)

for Mommy:  Nursing bras or tops and nursing shirts without underwire, button down shirts

Please wash all new clothes at least 1-2 times without softener (allergies)


Babies sleep a lot in the first few months.

For sweet dreams, we recommend the following equipment - for the sleeping arrangements, please investigate yourself what fits for your family:

  • Bassinet / Crib / Cradle / Baby Bay or bed with mattress (not too soft)
  • Two waterproof cotton sheets to protect your mattress (also advisable for the stroller)
  • Two sheets / fitted sheet
  • Sleeping bag (no pillows and no extra blankets due to risk of suffocation)
  • Baby rug
  • Pacifier or Dummy (optional)
  • a light blanket for summer / winter (stroller or naps) not for the night (sleeping bag for the night)
  • a heating lamp for the diaper change table


  • Newborn diapers (start with 3 packs)
  • Diaper pail (with lid)
  • A soft pad for diaper changes
  • Wet wipes (or warm water e.g. thermos flask)
  • Baby oil
  • Baby Nail Scissors
  • Bath thermometer
  • Hooded towel
  • Washcloths (many!)
  • Cream for a sore butt or nappy rashes
  • Cold cream or sun cream (later)

for Mommy: thick sanitary towels/napkins, breastfeeding pillow, cooling pads 


You need a special baby seat for the car.

  • Infant carrier (Size 0/0+), please check that it is accident free and normed
  • Pram / stroller
  • a foot cover for the infant carrier or pram (kleiner Fußsack e.g. Muckisack) for winter babies
  • a baby carrier (if you like) e.g. Babyborn, Manduca, Dydimos or Ergo Baby (not every baby likes to be carried - we recommend to buy the carriers once the baby is born to see if your baby likes to be carried and to find the right carrier for you and your baby)

for Mommy:  a diaper bag or backpack


Mommy needs: if you are breastfeeding you need nursing bras / vests, nursing pads, nipple cream and maybe nipple shields. Aloe Vera pads like Multi Mam Kompression (pads)  are a great for sore nipples (see more recommendations in the blog about Mastitis (breast infection) and Helago Oil.
Optional a milk catch for the other breast if you are leaking while feeding.
Optional - a nightlight which you can use to feed and keep the room dark but see something.

Baby needs: if you are not breastfeeding and for emergencies (in case there is a breastfeeding issue):

  • Infant formula for babies (H0 or HA (in case of allergies in the family) / but definitely PRE) - premixed or powder
  • Baby Bottles with teats (if you breastfeed and feed formula there are special ones to avoid a confusion e.g. Medela Calma)
  • Brush to clean the bottles
  • Thermos flask for the warm water to take with you
  • little tupper containers to take the milk powder with you already measured to take with you
  • Sterilizer (optional)
  • bottle heater (optional)

Here is a link to the stores in Stuttgart Area.

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Shopping for Baby & Mommy essentials

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