Sense of Belonging

Not only you but also your children need a sense of belonging...

Belonging - what is it?

Do you know the feeling that you could show up wearing anything, call at any hour and ask any favor from someone? And that if they called, asked, or needed something you would say yes before they got to the end of the question? That’s belonging.

Do you have people in your life that you don’t have to think about how you say what you want to say with (like this weird sentence)? People you can lose your cool with that will still love you unquestionably? That’s belonging.

Is there someone you call your sister from a different mother? Someone you don’t see or talk to for years and then chat with as if you saw each other yesterday? That’s belonging.

Do you have colleagues or friends you can float the wildest ideas by without fear of being laughed at? Say it with me: that’s belonging.

Belonging is having a secure relationship with a particular group of people. When we feel like we belong we don’t think about how to behave, what to do or say or how to be. We can be fully and authentically ourselves. We feel relaxed and our mind is free to do other things. We are in a state of flow and time flies. Our mental load is lightened.

Read on in our Angel Annas blog: When did you last feel a sense of belonging?

Also Anna is regularly having workshops on the sense of belonging of TCKs.
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April 1st, 2021 Gravidamiga featuring Anna Seidel - Globalmobiliytainer
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Updated: August 2022

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