How to boost your energy with a dose of oxytocin and make you feel good in this special time.

COVID-19, quarantine, no hugs, social distancing: many of us miss the hugs, the cuddling, the connection and warmth of meeting with people. And in fact, our bodies, minds and souls go into scarcity mode right now. No hugs means a lot less oxytocin which is a vital hormone for bonding, relationship, wellbeing and feeling safe. No wonder we feel sad, frustrated and even depressed if such an important hormone and the contact with loved ones is missing.

What can you do to boost your energy and oxytocin level?

Here our TOP 4 ideas for you:

  • Give yourself a hug whenever you need it. Touch yourself gently (for example touch your heart or solar plexus) and take some deep breaths for 2 or 3 minutes. This will calm your nervous system and activate the production of oxytocin.
  • Listen to your favorite music, dance if you like, move or just relax to the tone of some soul-southing sounds. Maybe you have a favorite song or album that lifts you up and reminds you of positive situations.
  • Collect some photos or pictures of loved ones, favorite spots, colors or any place or person that make you feel good. You may want to create your personal scrapbook with your children.
  • Smile. Yes, you read correctly: smile. When you put your mouth to a smile, you activate the hormones for joy and relaxation. Try it, watch some funny films or TV episode. It works.

We are here for you in this challenging times and want you to know: we are together in this!

April 2020
Flavie Singirankabo, Herzenshand - read more about her
This blog post has been prepared with the greatest possible care and does not claim to be correct, complete or up-to-date.“ Picture credit: Atelier Dittmar (best photographer for us)

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