Healing practitioner for psychotherapy
Holistic life and business coach
Individual, couple and family counselling

I am a healing practitioner for psychotherapy and holistic life & business coach. I offer psychotherapy, coaching and counselling for individuals, couples, families in English, French and German.

My services at Gravidamiga encompass:

  • Support for moms-to-be, mothers, spouses, children and families who struggle with traumatic birth experiences, pre-natal anxiety and post-natal depression
  • Individual, couple and family counselling, especially for intercultural families around topics such as reconciliation for work and family life, embracing change as a chance for growth
  • Assistance for women in embracing a healthy femininity
  • Keynotes and workshops around the fields of family life, personal growth and health.

I am happy to offer a free 10 minutes introductory conversation, so you can get to know me.

Flavie Singirankabo

Mail: mail@herzenshand.de
Web: https://www.herzenshand.de/