Myoreflex Therapy

... for stressed mothers & women / men a good way to free themselves from tension & more.

Myoreflex therapy - is a multidimensional manual medical concept developed by Dr. Kurt Mosetter, which starts at the basic regulation of muscle tension and thus eliminates or harmonizes disturbances or imbalances of the musculature in order to synchronize original movement patterns again.


The foundation of myoreflex therapy is anatomy, physics, biomechanics, neurophysiology, neuropsychology and empirical medicine (acupuncture, TCM, neural therapy, osteopathy). The knowledge and experience of the individual disciplines add up to a multidimensional treatment concept.

A muscle never works alone, its function is bound to neighboring structures and its respective counterpart. To ensure that the interaction of all components runs smoothly, it is controlled by a regulatory circuit (muscle spindles, nerve pathways, brain). If there are disturbances (accident, operation, one-sided strain, permanent bad posture, permanent tension) this control circuit does not work anymore and pain occurs.

In myoreflex therapy, the muscle attachments close to the bone are mainly treated in their kinematic chain.

Individual pressure points can be palpated (touched, felt) very precisely, they are usually changed by connective tissue (thickened, swollen, painful). After a short time (seconds - minutes) changes dissolve and via the neuromuscular reflex pathway the muscle tension drops spontaneously and clearly below the initial level.

The release of the high basic tension is regulated by the body itself, the therapist merely provides the "feeling aid" through his pressure. As a result, the joints are relieved and a functional pain-free anatomy is restored. This also applies to the effects of chronic pain conditions on the vegetative system (sleep, general restlessness, anxiety, etc.).

For a long-term good result or to consolidate the achieved condition, sessions should be repeated at different intervals, depending on the disease.

Myoreflex therapy is performed by certified myoreflex therapists after appropriate training with a final examination, so a qualitatively assured treatment is guaranteed.

Treatment indications are:

Headache / migraine
temporomandibular joint dysfunction (CMD)
Shoulder pain, shoulder-arm syndrome
Tennis elbow
Cervical spine syndrome (intervertebral disc, degenerative, tension)
BWS - Syndrome (M. Scheuermann, degenerative, intervertebral disc)
Lumbar spine syndrome (unspecific, intervertebral disc, degenerative)

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April 2021 Almut Kolb - Specialist in surgery and manual therapy procedures
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Updated: August 2022

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