How to stay closed to your loved-ones.

Not only during a Pandemic it is hard to be apart from your family and friends.

Our Angel Anna has written a great blog post about how to stay close to grand-parents, family and friends when you are living far apart.

Do you miss visiting your family as much as I do? Do you feel the intense pain and grief of not being able to give your dad a hug? Of missing the anticipation and joy of going to the airport to pick your mom up after her long flight to come see you? The backs of my eyes prickle just writing this.

Many families the world over have spent large parts of 2020 struggling with a challenge all too familiar to expat families: how to stay close when you’re not physically near each other (or not allowed to be)?

Let me tell you what I’ve learned from a lifetime of nurturing long-distance connections.

Read more here: How to stay close to your loved-ones.

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Updated: August 2022

Posted in in Medicine & Psychology, Parenting