Wimmelbook Ludwigsburg - lots of things to spot and see

... quickly join the crowdfunding and secure one of the first copies or order it conveniently via their shop.

Deborah and Tabea from the online city magazine "Hallo Ludwigsburg" are publishing the first inclusive and diverse Wimmelbuch for Ludwigsburg, which will make all children's eyes light up and we would like to support that!
A Wimmelbuch is an illustrated picture book without text, in which you can spot lot os different scenes with people, animals and things. In many small, funny everyday scenes, there will soon be diverse, inclusive and surprising things to discover in Ludwigsburg: colorful hustle and bustle on the market square, strolling people at Monrepos and happy families in the fairytale garden of the Blühender Barock.
The great thing about it: No matter what language(s) your children speak, they will all love the Wimmelbook! The entertaining pictures encourage even the youngest children to tell stories. To make it pedagogically valuable, they work with an experienced illustrator and with local associations and educators. 
Get your copy of the Ludwigsburg Wimmelbuch now!
Support the project until May 6 on the website www.startnext.de/ludwigsburg-wimmelbuch and receive your copy of the book conveniently sent to your home in September.
After the 6th you can order this via the shop via their homepage:
Made by Ludwigsburgers for everyone who likes Ludwigsburg and a great present or memory of your stay here in Germany. 

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May 2021 - Gravidamiga
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