Contractions and no car? Order yourself a taxi/cab and keep the following in mind.

There is not always a car at the door when the birth begins. 
Some but not all taxi companies are happy to drive pregnant women to the hospital of their choice.

Take a seat cover with you

Always take a cover (thick towel, or even better a disposable diaper changing mat (Wickelunterlage - see pictures) or a large plastic bag) with you to protect the seat in case your water breaks.


You can only order an ambulance or ambulance transport as a medical emergency.  Otherwise, your might have to pay for the transport yourself, which could be VERY expensive.
However, if you are bleeding heavily, in severe pain or have another medical emergency, please call 112 without hesitation. The costs will of course be covered by your health insurance.


The following taxi companies have indicated that they will transport pregnant women:

  • Taxi Auto Zentrale Stuttgart 0711 5510000 (no need to book in advance, the taxi will arrive within 15 minutes)
  • Fildertaxi 0711- 947980 (Stuttgart & greater Area)
  • Taxi Stuttgart Sandalya 015228352469
  • Vincenzo Rubbino for the Vaihingen/Süd/Möhringen/Filderstadt area 01728568037

Please double check with them in advance that this is still the case.

If you live in another area, please check with the local taxi companies that they will take you in case your birth starts.

October 2021 - Gravidamiga
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