Nappy Rash

It really hurts your baby if the nappy area is sore...

There are different types of nappy rashes – allergic reactions or skin irritations to diapers, wet wipes, creams a or yeast infection. Sometimes it is also due to diarrhia, teething and food (e.g. too many citrus fruits)

In the case of fungal infestation (diaper thrush), there are also weeping pocks and pustules as well as white scaly areas that characteristically spread in a ring shape. Typical symptoms of an additional bacterial infestation are weeping or purulent sores.

Most common are skin irritations due to the contact of the urine on the skin and no air.


  • Clean with pads and lukewarm water only instead of wet wipes
  • Clean with black tea infusion and cotton pods very gently
  • Let the area airdry
  • Fettwolle / Heilwolle inbetween your babies skin and the diaper
  • Keep diaper free as much as possible
  • Apply breastmilk and let it dry

Creams you can apply are:
Weleda Wundschutzcreme (orange one from any drugstore)
Weleda Calendula Wundsalbe (green one from a pharmacy – also good for any skin issues like cuts etc.)

Sitting Bath
Tannolact Sitzbad from the pharmacy
Camomile tea 

Yeast Infection
In case it does not go away, it might be a yeast infection.

So on top of the hygiene above you can apply one of the following creams from the pharmacy – please talk to the pharmacist and let them know your problem.

  • Mykoderm
  • Infecto Soor
  • Mykundex Heilsalbe
  • Multilind Heilsalbe

And if it is still not getting better after three days you must see a pediatrician.

September 2023 - Gravidamiga
This blog post has been prepared with the greatest possible care and does not claim to be correct, complete or up-to-date.“  Please see a doctor if in any doubt. Picture: Adobe Stock licensed.

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Updated: September 2023