Mindful Beastfeeding

Why breastfeeding should be 'mindful'.

I had never heard about Mindful Breastfeeding until I came across the wonderful Anne Le Grange and her Mindful Breastfeeding School.

I assumed it meant sitting in a lotus position whilst trying to breastfeed your baby.
Would I have to adorn my hair with braids and feathers and burn joss sticks in order to be a part of this (although that does sound awesome and can of course be part of the mindful experience)?


However once I embarked on my practitioner course, the clear benefits of linking mindfulness to the breastfeeding journey made perfect sense. Mind and body really do connect!
Mindfulness can be created and practiced through breathing exercises, visualising, journalling and affirmations. Practised daily, we achieve mindfulness quicker each time and can reap the rewards it offers.
Mindfulness encourages us to stay in the present, to acknowledge and dissipate negativity or negative past experience, to appreciate the current situation you find yourself in and encourages deep relaxation.

Benefits for breastfeeding

It is through this relaxation and shedding of negativity, anxiety and fear in breastfeeding, that encourages our body to release Oxytocin (the shy and loving hormone, the feel good factor!!) which helps create a deep feeling of connectivity between parent and baby and has a profound effect on let down and milk flow in breastfeeding.

By partaking in simple breathing focus through a feed, listening to a mindfulness MP3 or casting your eyes across breastfeeding affirmations, you can create a calmer, joyful breastfeeding experience. An experience that stays in the present of being closely connected to your baby and in turn baby draws upon your oxytocin filled energy and milk. The more your milk flows and body works in harmony with baby, the more confident mothers can feel about their body’s ability to do what it is naturally designed to do, and they begin to believe in themselves and their ability.

Great stuff!

November 2020 LeiDoula - Anya Bower
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