Kaiserschlüpfer - special slips for women

Pre- & post-natal slips & shape wear - also for period & back pain

We want to introduce a very special company producing lots of great slips to help and support you not only during pregnancy and post-partum.

The company & their products

The success story of Kaiserschlüpfer starts with a caesarean section. "After giving birth to my son, I had problems with the pressure on the scar," says Julia. Because no one knew of a comfortable solution at the time, she and her midwife Daniela developed the so called Kaiserschlüpfer. A pair of briefs including a gel pad, protecting and pleasantly cooling the scar. The high support waistband also keeps the belly away from the cicatrice.

Since then, a lot more products have been developed for different situations in a woman’s life. They all have one thing in common – they make life little easier for women. “In addition to the Kaiserschlüpfer, we have panties for the time after natural childbirth, pleasant shape wear, briefs for pregnancy and for menstrual- and back problems, including a warmth pad situated the exact spot where it is needed. We also have breast pads for women with breastfeeding problems, leggings for pregnancy and as comfortable shape wear. Furthermore, a Period Box for young girls starting their period hit the market. Just currently, the founders took over “Our Mini Love” – a beautifully crafted label, offering a Mommy-To-Be-Box and other beautiful gifts for pregnant women and young mothers. 

More about the company

The products

You can download their English product guide here:

The Products of Kaiserschlüpfer

Here is the (affiliate) link to order your feel-good products.


March 2022 - Gravidamiga
This blog post has been prepared with the greatest possible care and does not claim to be correct, complete or up-to-date.“ Picture credit & Text from KAISERSCHLÜPFER, HAMBURG

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