Community Centers - a place to go to

a community to meet other moms, to keep your babies, your children and yourself entertained

There are several community centers around Stuttgart.

Everybody is welcome and you get help in all family related matters.
Usually you can find a mix of cultures, whichever language you speak.

They offer courses and meet-ups for parents, children, families - such as music for toddlers, playgroups, baby care and much more.  Some also have a cafe and even offer lunch. Just go there and have a look around.

Haus der Familie

Institution for families, where all sorts of help can be obtained (Help with difficult babies, help with crybabies, babysitters, self-help groups, family care, courses on and with babies and children (baby care, family health, baby massage, crafts for kids, breakfasts..), Au pairs and  much more.

Haus der Familie in Stuttgart Bad Cannstatt

Haus der Familie Sindelfingen

eKidZ in Stuttgart West

Center for families with child care, playgroups (in different languages), workshops, lunch & coffee and help all around familiy affairs – for free. Check out their playgroup schedule on their homepage - for free.

MüZe – Mütter-Kind-Zentren

Center for families with child care, playgroups, workshops, cooking classes, lunch & coffee and help all around familiy affairs – for free. They run music classes for toddlers, baby massage and much more.

MüZe in Stuttgart Süd

MüZe in Stuttgart –Vaihingen

Mütze in Esslingen 

Stadtteilhaus Mitte in Stuttgart downtown

Center for the community with a cafe, play area and much more.

At the moment they offer emergency child care for an afternoon, if you have an urgent appointment and nobody to look after your child (e.g. doctors appointment...) Please check beforehand with them to be on the safe side.



February 2020 Kira Neumann
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