Baby Swimming

Benefits and Locations in Stuttgart.

Water - a familiar element

The baby was already familiar with water in the mother's womb. So no wonder why the little ones enjoy it when they are with mum and dad in extra warm water and can splash around.
Not only the feeling to be together as a family and the skin to skin contact with the baby is great, but also the stimulation of the musculoskeletal system.
And the mental receptivity is promoted, which stimulates children sensory and motor skills


During the course, parents learn handles and holding techniques and see how their baby uses the great freedom of movement in the water.  With water games, songs and versatile swimming materials, even the youngest children learn to enjoy the element of water.

Most courses start from the 3rd or 4th month on and take place 6-10 weeks in a row.
Mostly there are follow-up courses that can be booked. In this way a group stays together and contacts among the children can develop.  


Possible Vaccination

After booking a place in one of the many courses which are offered, you should have contact to your pediatrician.
A vaccination against rotavirus (oral vaccination) before the start 
of the swimming course might be an option.

A Rotavirus is one of the most common causes of diarrhoea and vomiting in children`s age. Since the pathogens are very contagious, almost all children fall ill in the first 5 years of life - the most until the age of 2 years. Especially in small infants, a large amount of fluid and loss of salt due to diarrhoea caused by vomiting can quickly lead to dangerous dehydration. Therefore some paediatricians recommend such a vaccination as a prophylaxis before the first swim. It is carried out from the 6th week of life.

What do you need for baby swimming

Tips from parent to parent

Leave the baby in the Maxi Cosi and change yourself first, then use the changing facilities in the swimming pool to change the baby. Otherwise you do not know where to put the baby. You can take the Maxi Cosi with you into the swimming pool area.
After the course - when getting dressed first get the baby ready and then yourself.

Here is a list of classes in Stuttgart Area 

Stadt Stuttgart Indoor Pools (Link)

Hallenbad Zuffenhausen (Hallenbad Zuffenhausen, Haldenrainstraße 31, Stuttgart (Zuffenhausen))

Leo Vetter Bad (Leo-Vetter-Bad, Landhausstraße 192, Stuttgart (Ost))

Hallenbad Sonnenberg (Hallenbad Sonnenberg, Kremmlerstraße 1, Stuttgart (Möhringen))

Aquafun (LINK)

Schwimmakademie Bad Cannstatt (LINK)

Robert Koch Krankenhaus (LINK)

Babyschwimmen Eltern/Kind Zentrum Ostfildern (LINK)

Delphin Schwimmschule Stuttgart (LINK)

Connys Schwimmschule in Filderstadt (LINK)

Aquababy in Stuttgart (LINK)

Facebook: Swim with Coach Isaac in Maichingen

Have fun exploring the water together!

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Updated: April 2023

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