Sun protection at the beach.

Babies, Toddlers and Sun

Summer and Sunshine - how to protect your little one.


The skin of babies is particularly sensitive to the sun. Therefore, in the first year it is recommended not to expose the skin of your baby or small infant to direct sunlight. Also, the use of sunscreen is not recommended during the first 12 months as they might stress the sensitive skin.

Our 5 Tips

  • Use a sun protection sail/canopy on your pram/stoller (we found that umbrellas are not working for us, but try it out) – DM hat quite a good bargain.
  • Also a muslin with clothes pegs can be a good solution
  • For a picnic, beach etc. a sun-tent can be useful – here you can try out Decathlon for a good deal.
  • Make sure to dress down, as babies can overheat
  • Make sure not to cover the pram/your baby entirely to ensure ventilation and avoid heat accumulation.


however it is important to expose the face, hands and arms to a little sun to ensure the self- production of Vitamin D. This has to happen without sunscreen and therefore only for a short amount of time -about half of the time a sunburn would occur (depending on UV radiation and skin type)- to prevent Vitamin D deficiency.
So, in general for babies and children it is important to be outside.

Toddlers & Sun (after 12 months)

Also their skin is really sensitive but it is hard to avoid sun as they are so active and running around.

Our 6 Tips:

  • Shady places, playgrounds with a sun-protection-sail
  • Break during the heat period (usually 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.)
  • Sun-friendly & airy clothing – we would recommend to have a look at clothes which have an UV Standart 801 protection (especially for water fun)
  • Make sure your child wears a hat/cap to protect the face, neck and ears – look out for the hats with a longer neck like a little veil (Finkid, Sterntaler)
  • Sunglasses are good if the sun is strong (e.g. mountains, seaside – also good at DM)
  • Use sunscreen on all unprotected parts of the body 


Our 6 Tips:

  • Use one suitable for children
  • There are mineral and chemical sun protection creams. If you are uncertain about choosing the right sunscreen for your child, consult your pediatrician/pharmacy.
  • Carefully apply cream to all uncovered parts of the body before going out - ideally about half an hour before.
  • Make sure that sufficient sunscreen is applied, otherwise the sun protection factor will not be effective.
  • Repeatedly apply cream to the skin if you are going to stay outdoors for a longer period of time. Since the sunscreen is worn away by sweating and abrasion, this repeated application is necessary – especially if you have been in the water and swimming.


These are only recommendations of the German website for Childrens Health – ultimately you have to decide and check with your pediatrician what this important for your baby and infant.
If you speak or read German – here is the full information of the Children's Health Website from the BGZA (Kindergesundheit).


June 2020 - Kira Neumann
This blog post has been prepared with the greatest possible care and does not claim to be correct, complete or up-to-date.“
Please make sure to visit your doctor if you need more information. picture credit: Gravidamiga

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