Sleep and Baby / Newborn

Babies and Sleep to help your baby sleep.

Sleeping is a topic lots of new parents are worried about.
How to teach a baby to sleep and are there some rules to follow?
This is just a short overview - if you want to learn more about the WHY and what else you can do, please visit our Workshop Healthy Baby Sleep.

sleeping patterns

It is normal that in the first months there is no regular sleep.
Sleeping patterns become more regular after some months weeks. As we are all different our babies are different, too.
Sleeping need is inherited. In the first three months some infants only require 10-12 hours of sleep per 24 hours, while others need 18-20 hours.
And it is normal that your baby wakes up at least once a night or more (in the first six months).
During these first six months babies still need one or more feeds at night.
"Sleeping through" means for a baby a maximum of 6-8 hours at one time - you can rather describe this as quiet time - they settle themselves if they wake inbetween.
Waking up during the night or early in the morning is hard on the parents, but for the babies it is normal.

9 TIPS for the sleep-learn process

  • It is important to try to maintain regular times in the daily routine for eating, sleeping,
    playing and going for walks.
  • Try to be there for your baby. Even if it is hard try not to pick up your baby when it is lying awake in its crib. Instead, sit down next to it and hold its hand or gently caress its head.
  • Try to introduce a routine for your baby. You can lay it in the bed at the same time whenever it is possible. The same place with the same going-to-sleep rituals is important. 
  • Keep things calm ahead of sleeping time. Try not to make your baby excited just before sleeping.
  • Try to lay your baby in its crib when it shows signs of tiredness, such as yawning or turning
    away its head. Because being overtired makes it hard to fall asleep.
  • The best sleeping position is on its back, with no pillow, sheep-skins, "nest" or cap. To cover your baby the best choice is a sleeping bag, instead of a blanket.
  • Whenever it is possible your baby should sleep in its own bed in the parents' bedroom.
  • Smoking is dangerous for your baby. Try to have a smoke-free bedroom - ideally the entire
    apartment will be kept smoke-free. Do not smoke in front of your baby.
  • The bedroom should be not too warm (about 18°C)

Here is a link to some nice sleeping songs in German for your baby

If you want to learn more about the biology of sleep - please visit our WORKSHOP HEALTHY BABY SLEEP.

We wish you and your baby a good night!

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