Post-Partum Midwife

She will look after you and your baby during the first weeks at home.
For more information click here to read our blog post: Post Partum Midwife Services

The situation for a post-partum midwives in Stuttgart is really tight and it is not always possible to find one (usually they have to make time to visit you for at least 10 times, hence they cannot only take on a certain number of people).

To look for a post partum midwife, you can refer to our Partners (partner midwife agencies and Midiaid - a search APP)
Here is a fall back in case you cannot find a Hebamme: Alternatives to an aftercare Midwife

Plus we have post-partum Doulas & breastfeeding experts in our team, who can come and help you with all your questions - this is  self-payment service.