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Child Safety for Babies & Toddlers

Make your home and environment safe for your baby & toddler. One less thing to worry about.

Event description

Child safety is essential. Babies and toddlers are said to be the highest risk group of serious accidents.
In Germany, approx. 80% of all accidents with toddlers under 2 years happen at home.
Experts estimate that parents could easily avoid up to 60% of these accidents being more informed and sensitized.

Daniela from mykidsSAFE will host this  2.5 hours webinar via ZOOM, which will help you to

  • improve your knowledge about child safety and get sensitized,
  • effectively prevent dangerous situations,
  • evaluate potential health risks and security needs (e.g. with older siblings), and
  • mindfully teach the toddler some risk skills while playing.
  • detect serious child safety risks and see even hidden safety hazards 

Mostly, ACCIDENTS ARE NOT COINCIDENCES and Child Safety starts long before First-Aid!

In particular, with my unique concept, you will get detailed information about these exciting topics:

  • awareness of health risks & relevant infantile development 0-5 years
  • age-appropriate supervision, role & responsibility of parents
  • risk competence for adults and toddlers in daily life (and why it is not just education)
  • important facts
  • typical unintentional injuries (e.g. falls, head & thermal injuries, intoxication, choking, suffocation)
  • highest risk areas & hidden risks
  • effective strategies, useful ideas & solutions. 

3  Questions with Registration:

  1. How old is your child/are your children?
  2. Have you experienced any (serious) accidents with your child/children so far?
  3. Do you have any special questions or topics of interest?

For a detailed and open Q&A round, feel free to plan extra 30 minutes after the Webinar.


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