Pregnancy Yoga (group session online & offline)

During pregnancy your body is constantly changing, which can create stress (mentally and physically). 
Yoga is a way to relax your body and your mind.
This course focuses on yoga poses to increase strength and flexibility. It also helps by teaching proper breathing and relaxation techniques.
Due to our very small groups, we can focus on every expecting mom. Enjoy this is special time with your baby.
Plus: Meet other expecting mothers to find new friends and to talk with someone going through pregnancy themselves.


Link to our Courses via our booking platform Eversports, where you can find the next online course.
Note that you can join the course at any time and we will adjust the fee accordingly - please write us an email.

Personal Training (one-on-one sessions) - in person or online

Designed exactly for your needs - to make you feel good during your pregnancy.

Price: 80 Euro/hour online in our Home Base in Sillenbuch.

BOOKING: please contact us via our Personal Request Form.