Video on Demand Course

Breastfeeding and Formula - Video-on-Demand 

From personal experience we know that there are a lot of questions and anxieties around breastfeeding your baby. In this course we want to help you understand the biology of breastfeeding and support you to find your own way.

In this Video-on-Demand course , we cover the following topics & more:

  • preparation
  • milk production
  • latching
  • feeding techniques
  • breast care
  • formula feeding
  • trouble shooting
  • must-haves
  • handout with the main take-aways
  • suggestion for a home pharmacy

Join this pre-recorded video on demand course in your own time to learn about breastfeeding and formula. 
An OB GYN, two midwives and a family coach will provide you all the information you need - unique and easy to understand.
As usual you will receive extensive handouts for you to download plus you will exclusively get recommendations for your home pharmacy.

PRICE: 39 Euros for 6 months access.

Please sign up sign up here and let us know which course you want to book and we will send you the link to the videos and the handout.