We offer four different courses for your convenience. All our birth preparation courses are developed & run by an M.D.

1. Birth Preparation Course Compact (in person)

2 x 2 hour course; part one - women only; part two - with partners

Comprehensive information on giving birth in Germany plus breathing techniques and exercises.
In this compact course you will learn everything around pregnancy and birth.
It is recommended between week 30 and week 36.

  • Breathing & relaxation techniques 
  • Stage of Labour & Labour positions
  • Pain Relief
  • The Pelvic Floor & exercises
  • Emergencies
  • Practical tips for you and your partner (giving birth in Germany, hospital procedures)
  • Information folder (hospital packing list and much more) & Birth Plan
  • Hygiene and perineum care after birth.
  • Plus we will answer your questions individually.

Price: 219 Euro plus 15 Euro registration fee per couple.

2. Birth Information Course  (online)

1,5 hour course

In this course we will not focus on exercises and breathing but on giving you information.
It is perfect if you already had a baby and/or want to learn about giving birth in Germany.
If you also want to learn about breathing & exercises, please book our birth preparation course compact or join a hypnobirthing class by our partners.
Your birthing partner can join this online course.

  • Physiology & anatomy
  • Stages of labor & pain relief
  • Emergencies during pregnancy and birth 
  • at the hospital in Germany
  • Hygiene & perineum care.
  • Birth plan

Price: 59 Euro / single; 79 Euro / couple plus 15 Euro registration.

3. Individual Birth Preparation course - one-on-on (in person or online)

Individual birth preparation, content as per birth preparation course compact.

Price: 250 Euro/ 2,5 hours plus 15 Euro registration fee per couple.

4. Birth Preparation course - C-Section

coming up soon.

If you want to learn about breastfeeding and baby care, please book our separate breastfeeding & baby care course.
Our courses are not covered by the health insurance - why not? This and a lot of additional answers can be found in our Q&A.


Please find an overview in our calendar about our upcoming courses, where you can download the registration form, fill it in and send it back to us.
or contact us if you do not find a suitable date for more information and booking: hello@gravidamiga.com