All you need to care for your baby

It’s only natural for every mother to want her pregnancy to go as planned. But as we all know, each one comes with its own unique circumstances.
The Mama Circle PRE-BIRTH offers a centering space for you to check-in and receive any support you need as you prepare for the rest of your pregnancy and upcoming birth. The more grounded and at ease you feel, the more energy and focus you have available to give to yourself and your baby. This is also a wonderful opportunity to take time out for yourself and give your mind/body the nourishment that it needs.

In our weekly (4 weeks in total) Mama Circle PRE-BIRTH, you’ll have the opportunity to talk about your birth plan, share any pregnancy concerns or fears you have, get advice on local resources in Germany, and even learn about the cultural differences of motherhood from other women.

Women at any stage in their pregnancy are welcome to join this circle. This includes first-time mothers as well as mothers with more than one child.

Dates can be found in our Calendar.