Postpartum Recovery (in person or online)

Early Postpartum Recovery

from week two after having given birth - one hour session at your place or online

  • one-on-one session / 60 minutes
  • gentle exercises & awareness training
  • breathing & relaxation
  • how to handle your baby in a postpartum friendly manner
  • everyday tips for pelvic floor-friendly behavior.

Price: 60 Euro online (plus travel time at your place)

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Postpartum Recovery Course 1 (group courses or personal training)

Focusing on your pelvic floor, your abdominals and your special needs after birth, we will help you to recover and to manage your daily mom-life.

  • a closed course of 8-10 units, which builds on itself
  • a thorough anamnesis before the course starts
  • teaching of theory & anatomy (the female body after birth)
  • awareness training of the pelvic floor, muscle corset (abdomen & back) and breath
  • Strength and flexibility training for pelvic floor, abdomen and back in the regeneration, postpartum and re-entry phase.
  • Posture training
  • Everyday tips for pelvic floor-friendly behavior.
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques

Price: 150 Euro 

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Core Strenth  - Postpartum Recovery Course 2 (group courses or personal training)

This is a follow up course after you have completed your first postpartum recovery course.
We will continue working on your core and your flexibility. 
This course is for every women to feel balanced, supported and stretched.

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Diastasis Recti Recovery

Special one-on-one training to help you to recovery your Diastasis recti.

Price: 60 Euro per hour (plus travel costs)

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Mom & Baby Yoga

This course focuses on yoga poses to increase strength and flexibility and to help you relax.
Of course your baby is part of the exercises so you can enjoy some special time with your baby.
Plus there will be time for to exchange and connect with other moms.

Price: 60 Euro for 4 group sessions à 60 minutes

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Personal Postpartum Recovery - online & offline

We will concentrate just on you and your body, your feelings & needs.
We will help you to take care of yourself and gain back your strength.
Taping is only possible if it is an offline personal training class.

Price: 60 Euro per hour plus travel fee

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Taping - offline only :-)

Taping can help with recovering your diastasis recti, relieve neck, back & shoulder pain, carpaltunnel syndrome, mastitis and so much more.
Read more about the benefits of taping.

Price: depending on the areas taped plus travel fee / this can also be booked as an add on in any offline course / meet-up / personal training

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Acupuncture - offline only :-)

Acupuncture can help with scars, to relieve neck, back & shoulder pain and stress.
Read more about the benefits of acupuncture.

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Please find an overview in our Calendar about our upcoming courses, where you sign up online.
Contact us if you are interested in booking a Personal Class, if you do not find a suitable date or for more information via our Personal Request Form.