Osteopathy for Babies, Children & Adults

Osteopathy for Babies, Children & Adults in German, English & Spanish

Basically, the treatment concept of Osteopathe is aimed at all people, no matter with what complaints they come to me. Whether neurological, orthopedic or internal motives, young or old, I treat all people who consult me. Children or infants as well as pregnant women preparing for childbirth can be helped with osteopathic therapy.

In children and infants osteopathy is used, for example, for drinking difficulties, torticollis in newborns, birth trauma, sleep disorders, breastfeeding problems, etc.. The treatments are also successful in cases of concentration disorders, excessive crying, abdominal pain and intestinal cramps. For this it is important to know exactly the different stages of development of the child. Within osteopathy, the treatment of children and infants is a specialization to help the child achieve better balance and well-being. Careful examination of the entire body during treatment is helpful in assessing the condition of young patients.

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