Support on raising multilingual children.

The expert for succeeding in raising your kids multilingually.

You want to pass on all your family languages to your children AND you want to have fun doing it? You want to hear them speak your own first language and be sure that they can connect with your friends and family back home?
Dr. Bettina Gruber is there for you every step of the way. As a linguist, expert on multilingual family life and mother of three trilingual children, she’s been supporting multilingual parents from around the world since 2019.
She offers group programmes and individual consultation packages in both German and
English and has a number of German video courses for you to choose from. Bettina meets you where you are and shows you the way to where you want to be. Her mission: empower multilingual and multicultural kids to be proud and fluent speakers of all their languages.
For her, multilingual children embody diversity and tolerance. She is convinced that they will change the world for the better.
She motivates, encourages and supports you while sharing her deep knowledge of multilingual language acquisition in an accessible and practical manner.

Die Linguistin
Dr. Bettina Gruber
2384 Breitenfurt / Austria