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Pregnancy, Birth & early Motherhood - The German Way

All about being pregnant and having your baby in Germany/Stuttgart.

Event description

You will learn all about being pregnant in Germany from planning to get pregnant,  pregnancy, birth & postpartum care.
We will explain scheduled and additional possible examinations, midwifery care, birth preparation classes and other prenatal courses, birthing possibilities, hospitals and postpartum care & courses. 
Of course we will also go "shopping" as in shopping for 'must haves' for your baby & yourself. 

And for after your baby is born information on pediatricians and scheduled examinations, postnatal classes, mother & baby groups / courses, shopping and much more.

Plus we will  guide you to useful blogs & links e.g. hospital packing list and much more.

This is especially for all moms-to-be in the first trimester, but of course you can join later.

Due to our small groups we will have plenty of time for your questions.


Gravidamiga - Pregnancy & Babies GbR
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