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Mama Workout - in Person

A mix of Pilates & Yoga to work on your Fitness & follow up on your postpartum recovery (however long ago)

Event description

Once postpartum - always postpartum.
There are unique things that happen to your body after carrying, having, and raising little ones.
Pelvic floor issues? Diastasis recti? Loss of balance? Sore shoulders and tense lower back? These issues can exist regardless of how long postpartum you are! That’s why this 45 min workout routine focuses on your body as it navigates motherhood through ALL stages.

Join us in a very small and focused group of a maximum of 4 moms to get some focused training on keeping your postpartum body strong throughout motherhood - it is like a personal training as I can check you all out individually.
With low impact, focused movements that build body awareness and sprinkled reminders to engage your pelvic floor and maintain a strong core, this class is perfect on its own or in addition to an existing exercise routine for any mom.
It’s a gentle reminder that your body has done hard things and needs special care and attention to continue working optimally.
Already took the class? Feel free to come back, no two sessions are the same!

Let's do this together!

Of course your baby is welcome in the morning course.

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