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Birth Preparation Courses / Geburtsvorbereitungskurse

Birth Preparation Course compact - English

Weekend course with your birthing partner.

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Breastfeeding & Baby Care

How to care for yourself and your baby after birth.

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Birth Information Course - online evening class

Learn what you need to know about birth in Germany.

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Meditations for a Calm Birth

Lovely group meditations to prepare your mind and body for a calm birth.

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Mama Talk

Mama Talk & Café - English

Meet-up for mamas and mamas-to-be with the Gravidamiga Angels

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Babys first courses

Baby Massage - Herzplatz

Kurs auf Deutsch via Skype

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Recovery / Rückbildung

Outdoor Fitness for Women

Get fit again and join with or without your little one.

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Postpartum Recovery Course

8-10 weeks course -suitable for all new mums, to recover from pregnancy and birth.

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Beckenbodenkurs zur Rückbildung

10 Wochen Kurs zur Rehabilitation von Beckenboden und Bauch nach der Entbindung

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Workshops English

Workshop: Bonding with Baby

What is parent-child bonding, why is it so important, and how is it done?

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Building your TCKs' Sense of Belonging

How parents can give their Third-Culture-Kids a strong sense of belonging while being globally mobile – and why it matters.

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Parent-Child Attachment: From Pregnancy through the first 3 Years of Life

Attachment is the absolute key to healthy child development, but what exactly is it and what can I do as a parent?

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Workshops Deutsch

Workshop: Zusatzuntersuchungen in der Schwangerschaft

Wir erklären Dir im Detail für was welche Untersuchung gut ist.

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Pregnancy & Babies Module - English

All about being pregnant and having your baby in Germany/Stuttgart.

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