Gravidamiga Angels & Partners.

Pregnancy, Birth & early Motherhood - The German Way

Planning or having a baby in Germany?

You will learn all about being pregnant in Germany from planning to get pregnant,  pregnancy, birth & postpartum care.
We will explain scheduled and additional possible examinations, midwifery care, birth preparation classes and other prenatal courses, birthing possibilities, hospitals and postpartum care & courses. 
Of course we will also go "shopping" as in shopping for 'must haves' for your baby & yourself. 

And for after your baby is born information on pediatricians and scheduled examinations, postnatal classes, mother & baby groups / courses, shopping and much more.

Plus we will  guide you to useful blogs & links e.g. hospital packing list and much more.

Due to our small groups we will have plenty of time for your questions.


Please find an overview in our calendar about our upcoming workshops, where you sign up online.
Contact us if you are interested in booking a Personal Class, if you do not find a suitable date or for more information via our Personal Request Form.


Delivery Room Tour

Do want to know how the maternity ward in Germany looks like, then please join us on our Delivery Room Tour.  
Plus you will meet some doctors and/or midwifes and their role during giving birth in Germany.

New dates after Corona.
Here is a virtual tour of the delivery room in Böblingen.