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Pregnancy Yoga

Relax and stay strong during pregnancy.

Event description

During pregnancy your body is constantly changing, which can create stress (mentally and physically). 
Yoga is a way to relax your body and your mind.

This course focuses on yoga poses to increase strength and flexibility. It also helps by teaching proper breathing and relaxation techniques during pregnancy and labor. Due to our very small groups (4 in person and 6 online), we can focus on every expecting mom and answer a lot of other questioins, too. Enjoy this is special time with your baby.

Plus: Meet other expecting mothers to find new friends and to talk with someone going through pregnancy themselves.
Even if the class is online there will be some time to chat after class.

This course is for pregnant women of all stages, with or without yoga experience. 
Please check with your OB GYN before attending a class.

If you due date is approaching and your baby comes earlier you will get reimbursed for the sessions missed.
If you want to continue up to your due date which is in the middle of the course, we will only charge the lessons up to your due date.

This course is run by Kira pre-and postnatal trainer.


If the course is already running and we have free spots, you can join anytime. Just contact us.

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