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Mom & Baby Yoga

Enjoy some special time for yourself (and your baby).

Event description

We will help you to regain your strength and to alleviate neck, shoulder, and back pain through yoga postures.
As it is  natural for your baby to cry, you can attend your baby anytime to  change a diaper or feed to make them comfortable.  Come to class or prepare your class at home with an open heart, a blanket/muslin, some toys and the usual for your baby.

In most mom and baby yoga classes, moms place a yoga blanket/burp cloth from home on the yoga mat in case of spit-up or other spills.  
In an ideal world, the baby will lie on the blanket happily for the duration of the class. But this rarely happens.
But due to our very small groups (6-8 maximum), we can focus on you and your baby.
And if your baby is particularly fussy, we will also help you to get some Yoga by picking her/him up (unfortunately not in a virtual class).  
Enjoy this is special time with your baby.

This class provides a comfortable, supportive environment where you  can meet new friends and to talk with other moms going through the same as you are - we will have some time to talk even if the class is online.

You can attend this course after you have finished your postpartum recovery. 
You do not need to have any Yoga experience to participate. Suitable up until your baby starts to move around.
Please check with your OB GYN before attending a class.


If the course is already running and we have free spots, you can join anytime. Just contact us.

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