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First Aid for Babies & Toddlers

A paramedic instructor will teach you the basics about what to do in which kind of emergency.

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Special first-aid course for babies & toddlers!

Main topics plus lots of time for your personal questions:
Ingestion, Fever (also febrile seizure), Heat , Cold , Reanimation , Poisoning , Burns, Wounds

Plus you will get a your special copy of tips for your Hausapotheke (good to have at home remedies & medication) from our first-aid-expert,  our pediatricians & experienced moms.

Jordis personal know-how with experience values from rescue service, ambulance service and from her private life are your advantage!
Her courses are not based exclusively on textbooks, but above all on her practical experience.

About Jordis:

My name is Jordis Kreuz. I am a mother of 3 and a first aid instructor. During my pregnancies, I was often asked about the topic of first aid for children and infant emergencies. In order to give the expectant parents or young parents the opportunity to learn about the topic of first aid in a short period of time and thus prepare themselves for the "emergency".

You can find more information and her direct contact details here.

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