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Tue, 28. Sep 2021
Online Birth Preparation Course by an M.D.

A course in English to be well prepared for your birth in Germany.

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Tue, 28. Sep 2021
6 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
maximum of 4 couples
175 Euro per couple plus 15 Euro registration fee



There will be breaks to accommodate the online learning environment.


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Event description

Comprehensive information on giving birth in Germany plus breathing techniques and exercises.
In this online course you will receive all you need to give birth. 
It is recommended between week 30 and week 36 & this is a course including your birthing partner.

Price is per couple. The costs are not covered by the German insurance. You can always try to send in the invoice to get reimbursed.
Please note that a German course also has extra costs for the partner of around 100 - 120  Euros.

For establishing more practical routines regarding breathing & exercises, we would recommend a pregnancy yoga class or hypnobirthing.  

Course content:

Pregnancy & Birth

  • Physiology & anatomy
  • Stages of labor & pain relief
  • Breathing techniques and selected exercises
  • Emergencies during pregnancy and birth 
  • at the hospital in Germany

Postpartum period

  • Hygiene & postpartum care.
  • Perineum care

Plus, you will receive a birth plan for you to fill in, which you could take to hospital and we will send you a hand-out with useful information for your reference.

If you want more information on breastfeeding and baby care, please book our course called breastfeeding & baby care.

We hope nothing will happen, but there is always uncertainty with pregnancy.
If you cannot attend the course due to medical reasons, please submit a doctors confirmation and we will reimburse you the course fee minus the registration fee. The latter is for our internal administration. Thank you for your understanding.

This course is run by Dr. Christine Krämer with a maximum of 4 couples.
The costs are not covered by the German insurance. You can always try to send in the invoice to get reimbursed.


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